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Una Guida per il Trading Forex - Download Exe

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IQ cash

🚀Welcome to the IQ.Cash Community🚀
❗️Warning: We have found there are many suspicious .exe files spread in our group recently. Don't take any files from groups/members/other source as it's may be contain with a virus. Also don’t send your payment to anyone. Some people will use fake identity as team members to commit cheating. Please stay alert to these people and don’t participate in any unofficial events!
Updates:🔥OTC Market - - Sale ONLY 2 packs of 500k IQ = 12 BTC each🔥
IQ is available to trade on Bithumb Global, HitBTC, BitForex. p2pb2b, Coinsbit, Crex24, and Mercatox.
🌏What is IQ.Cash? IQ.сash is universal, large-scale blockchain platform for Investor, Traders & Miners the main task of which is to provide instant anonymous online payments and investing.
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QChartist news

#QChartist build 139
- removed invalid stocks in NASDAQ, NYSE lists for the scan on Yahoo Finance
Run update.exe now #software #technical #analysis #finance #trading #trade #trader #fx #forex #stock #realtime #YahooFinance #AlphaVantage #JFD #eToro #Money
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I'm Having trouble running a bash file.

Hi Everyone,
So I trade forex for a living. Use a windows only program called Meta-trader which I run via wine.
Thing is I dont want to type the commands each time in the terminal. So I tried writing a bash script to launch the file quickly but it isn't working outside of the terminal.
This is what I did.
wine /home/kieron/pepperstone/drive_c/"Program Files"/"Pepperstone MetaTrader 4"/terminal.exe
Now This works perfectly fine when I run in inside of the terminal (./ The problem is it won't run If I click it outside of the terminal, even though I ran chmod on it to make it executable.
The problem is my mother also uses this program, and she doesn't understand commands and such things. So If I'm not around she can't start the program on her own. This is why I need the script to run when it's clicked on.
However clicking on it doesn't run it, instead it just opens up it the text editor (gedit).
Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Wallstreet forex robot [Expert Advisor] 20 years backtest results

Wallstreet forex robot [Expert Advisor] 20 years backtest results
WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0

WallStreet Forex Robot 2.0

Evolution has the LONGEST, fully MyFxbook VERIFIED Performance on real money accounts in the EA industry with such amazing results. The Wall-Street Forex supplies automatic setup by way of the document WallStreet Forex Robot Installer.exe, however, you might have the solution to put in the EA by hand. The forex automatic trading program is employed on both the MetaTrader4 and also MetaTrader5 platforms. Wall-Street Forex can be an automated Forex pc computer software manufactured by means of a group of specialist Forex dealers and applications programmers.
The robot gives attention to the dealer’s account security by employing 5 distinct systems since you are able to easily see below within this specific particular review. The one permit may be utilized in a single Actual Account and boundless Demo Accounts nevertheless, also you also will buy the complete permit that may be utilized in a few Actual Accounts. Read more
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I hate Norton AV...

I work at a large-ish forex trading company($FX) as a customer support representative. We place high value on customer care, so we don't have any calls per hour quotas to meet, which means we might sometimes get to sit on a call for an hour or two while we attempt to solve whatever issue the clients are facing. It's actually a pretty fun job.
Alright, so we've had this older lady($OL) come on chat, send us emails and call us for a few days. She's been having issues installing our trading platform on her computer. We tried walking her through the steps of taking a screenshot, but some people just... Can't. A couple days ago she came on our live chat, and I picked it up. $B is yours truly.
Long chat trying to explain the issue, trying to walk her through the process of taking a screenshot, etc. Irrelevant for the purposes of this tale.
$OL: Everytime I try to download the program, I get a notification saying "This file has been removed from your computer because it's a risky file".
Ding! Having had Norton in the past, I remember seeing this dreadful message, and it was burnt into my brain.
$B: Are you using Norton Anticirus by any chance?
$OL: Yes.
Well crap... Now, normally I'd walk her through the process of sisabling the anti virus to install it, but just last week I got chewed out by my team leader because I was going above my job description (read: I would solve customers' platform issues instead of letting our IT department handle it, like twlling clients to disable their antivirus/firewall and check again, or open specific ports, when the fixes to the issues were more technical than what my TL could understand. Because manglement). So instead of fixing it there and then...
$B: OK, I will need to check this with our Technical team and you should receive an update by email shortly.
I did not contact IT. Instead I fired an email to my TL. Condensed to get my point across.
$B: Hey, so this client's been having issues with downloading the platform. She's running Norton and it swallows the exe file. (Easy work around here), can someone get back to her with the fix?
The next day, I get an email back:
$TL: Yeah, if it's to disable the AV we can tell her to do that.
And apparently one of my other, less than tech savvy collegues, sent her an email with a garbled up explanation earlier today.
As if on cue, the phone rings.
$B: Welcome to $FX, how can I help?
$OL: Hello, I was having issues with installing your platform, and I got an email from you with an explanation, but I couldn't understand it.
Yeah, like anyone would have. I had her account open by chance, but for the call recording software...
$B: OK, can you give me your account number please?
$OL: Sure, it's 123456
$B: OK, just a moment please.
$B: OK, so before you try to download the platform again, please find the anti virus icon on the bottom right of the screen, and right click on it.
$OL: OK. Now what?
$B: Now download the platform.
$OL: It didn't work.
Of course it didn't. I was having a shit week anyways, why would it start getting better now?
$B: OK, let's try this...
Enter the long and arduous process of walking her through the menus in Norton without actually being able to see them, until we got to the security history screen.
$B: OK, now look for the exe file.
$OL: Found it.
$B: OK, now click on it and on the right side you should see a description, and an option to restore the file.
$OL: OK, found it, now what.
$B: Click on "restore" and you should see a notification window. Check the box saying so and so, and then on restore.
$OL: Done.
$B: OK, now open your browser again and go to the downloads screen, and run the installation file.
$OL: OK, it's installing.
$B: Perfect. Once it's done, let's try to log into your trading account.
$OL: OK, it works.
$B: Perfect. Is there anything else I can help you with?
$OL: No, thank you very much for your time.
$B: It was my pleasure ma'am. Have a great day.
$OL: You too.
tl;dr Client was having download issues that can be fixed in about 5 minutes. But due to manglement I was unable to assist right away. In the end I ended up getting permission to do exactly what I got chewed up for a week before. I do enjoy helping the clients, but I'm starting to hate my job because sometimes the processes involved gang up to make me as inefficient as fucking possible...
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[help] I've been getting dodgy page redirects after accidentally installing the wrong file for a game, Ghostery and Strict pop-up blocker ineffective

I wanted to install a level pack for a mario fan-game (got a level pack version that actually doesn't exist, but saw it as a search result), so I went online and downloaded the only result. Instead of a bunch of files however, I got a .exe file instead. I was surprised, but thought they made a seperate launcher.
So I installed that, and then while my browser was still open, my default search was changed from duckduckgo to Google! So I immediatley uninstalled the downloaded exe file (shouldn't have installed it in the first place!!) and ran a Windows Defender scan. I got no red flags, so I thought everything was okay.
Then I went to log into my e-mail and got an ad for shady Forex investing!
As the day went on, I got more and more pop-ups for any link that opened in a new tab (weenie enlargements, homeless man makes $4000 a day, 18+ games, anastasiadate dot com..) and got fed up so I installed this plug in called Strict pop-up blocker. Didn't do anything! And the already installed Ghostery only blocked ads twice! Firefox had the message 'firefox blocked a popup from opening', yet still opened the popup!!
Where do I go from here? Reinstall firefox?
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HFT's trading returns revealed | LinkedIn

fintech #trading #algotrading #quantitative #quant #fx #forex $eurusd

HFT's trading returns revealed | LinkedInFinally, like never before, I can do it. I have permission to share what 2 hours of a real high-performance trading firm looks like. I will keep the firm “undisclosed”, but this post is to give an idea of what kind of trades and how fast/frequent they are.A client of mine, using an advance/lightweight platform, is performing excellent returns on the forex market. And the chart you can see by how much.Several things to look at:· Winning ratio is 80% (at least in these 2 hours)· A total of 109 trades has been made over this period· Average trade, last 206 milliseconds· Note how transaction cost affect the systemo Blue line is without costo Orange accounting transaction cost· Attempts to close means how many times we tried to flat our position but couldn’t (because of execution, or price movement). Every time there is more than one attempt, the trade is a losing trade. So, that’s the prove on how important exe..... Continue reading at:
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FxAlert - a simple news event reminder app

Hey all, I've meant to keep an eye on the news for a while now but always find myself engrossed in other activities and constantly forgetting about tracking what's coming up next.
So I spent a day or two knocking together this app for myself, and thought I'd share for anyone else who's interested. It just shows how long til the next major news event, and also displays a very obvious popup 5 minutes before every important event that's about to pop.
Events schedule is read off the Forex Factory's calendar.
Download here:
Open source Github repo:
Planned features:
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初心者Q&A Q: Vista、Windows7で動かないのですが? A: 以下を試してみてください。 1 [コンピュータ]を右クリック。[プロパティ]を選択 2 [システムの詳細設定]を選択 3 [詳細設定]タブをクリック 4 [パフォーマンス]の[設定]をクリック 5 [データ実行防止]タブをクリック 6 「重要なWindowsプログラムおよびサービスについてのみ有効にする」をオンにする 7 okをクリック 8 OSを再起動 ※ Vista/Win7 の場合、C:\Program Files 以外の場所(C:\MT4 以下)にインストールするのが便利です。 Q: ファイル→デモ口座の申請 でデモ口座が作れません。 A: 一部のサーバでは、Build 409 より古い MT4 では口座が作れません。最新版を入手してterminal.exe をコピーしましょう。 Q: 指定した値になったら、アラート鳴らしたいんだけど? A: メニューの表示-ターミナルでアラーム設定のタブがありますので、そこで設定できます。 Q: 土日は動かないのですか? A: ほとんどの業者は休みです。 サーバーに接続だけ出来る業者もありますが、更新はされません。 Q: TSDって何を見ればいいの? A: まずはここから登録して下さい。 後はあちこち見れば勉強になります。 Q: 10分足とか他の時間足を表示したい。 A: 「MT4 10分足」でググって下さい。URLは差し控えます。 Q: 付属しているMACDをライン表示にしたい。 A: MetaEditorでMACD.mq4を開いて、「DRAW_HISTOGRAM」で検索、DRAW_HISTOGRAMを「DRAW_LINE」に変更、念のため別名保存してコンパイルする。 Q: RCIのインディケーターはどこにあるの? A: 「SpearmanRankCorr mq4」で検索するよろし。 Q: 同じインディケーターを同じウインドウに表示したい。 A: 共存させたいインディケーターを同じウインドウにドラッグ&ドロップ、設定を変えて表示させる。 Q: MetaEditorでコンパイルするやり方がわかりません A: MetaEditorのツールバーのcompileで出来る。面倒だったらファイルを保存して、MT4を再起動 Q: ティックチャートを表示する方法を教えてください。 A: 気配値表示の所にティックチャートタブをクリック Q: ボリンジャーバンドの三本線を五本線にしたい。 A: 標準偏差の設定値を変えたボリンジャーバンドをもうひとつ描画 A: 標準偏差の設定値を1にして、Levels に ±2,±3,を設定してもよし。 Q: 過去のチャートを見ようとしたら、すぐに現在の位置に戻ってしまうのですが? A: ツールバーのAuto Scrollボタンをoffにする。 Q: 使わないインジケーターを削除するにはどうすればいいの? A: 使わないインジケーターにカーソルを合わせ右クリック→削除 Q: インジケーターのラインの色、太さを変えたいんだけど A: MetaEditorで該当するインジケーターを開きます。 #propertyで検索(初めの方に記述してありますのですぐ見つかります。) 
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Forex 1.EXE - YouTube Como instalar Forex Tester 1 Full (Crack) - YouTube Strategie Price Action Forex e Opzioni Binarie - YouTube Como instalar AgimatFx 2020 [Full Gratis] agimat 2020 forex how to set forex Robot EA? How I set my forex robot to mt4 ...

All the below MT4 indicators and scripts are free to download (except a couple that have a small admin fee to help with site running costs) and use but please don't ask for support for them- refusal is likely to offend. For-Exe Review. As we produce this review, there are currently four MT4 indicators, and one MT5 indicator for sale by the For-Exe team. The price point is much lower than most Forex indicators we’ve reviewed, as each individual indicator costs £14.00 to £19.00, and all four MT4 indicators can be purchased in a bundle for £40.00. True Forex/ECN broker - это Zero spread! Forex broker since 2004! Ultra-fast execution! Trading platform MetaTrader 4 ECN. Absolute transparency! ForexEE is an ECN/DMA online foreign exchange forex broker and currency trading platform. Start trading forex with with the tightest spreads and low commissions now! The FOR-EXE team are ethical traders and developers. You will notice that there are no adverts for, or links to, scammers - we are totally committed to only promoting and providing honest systems, products and services. ... we can obviously make no guarantees that they will make you an instantly profitable Forex trader. Exe Markets is a forex broker registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. They offer access to the industry-leading MetaTrader4 and a choice of two account types, but although the trading conditions seem fine, we gave the broker only one star.

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Forex 1.EXE - YouTube

This video for beginners guide. Forex Meta Trader 4 And Meta trader 5 basics information. what is different between .EA auto trading And Indicators MQL4 And EX4 Files. All information in Urdu and ... Belly forex system download - belly fx system download - belly forex killer system. Belly forex system download - belly fx system download - belly forex kill... Renko Charts aren't for everybody, but let me tell you the pros, cons, and opportunities here before you pick a side. Because you WILL have to pick a side. B... Quick timelapse of NY session today. Credits- Song: Subide- Drifting ; Take a Free Demo Test Of our EA: Watch This Video: Worlds Best Forex Robot EA V5: